Take Your Company PublicTaking a company public can be a tricky but worthwhile process. Here at All Ways Solutions we have the expertise and experience to guide you faultlessly along the perfect path. We are dedicated to serving our client’s public markets needs and achieving their goals. We hold the experience, knowledge, staff and resources to ensure successful, practical and cost-effective going public solutions.

A successful corporate securities and offering transaction requires a team of professionals with the right combination of legal knowledge, securities acumen and capital raise creativity. Our focus and team oriented approach ensures that we execute for our clients each and every time.

There are many strategies for taking a company public. Most are expensive and/or time consuming. Three popular methods are the IPO (Initial Public Offering), APO (Alternative Public Offering) and DPO (Direct Public Offering).


Take Your Company Public with Our Help

Turnkey and your company is public with you owning 97% of your stock. All free trading. Includes OM/PPM and business plan and all fees.
Trading in 4 months with a clean fresh public company.
$220,000 US   –   INQUIRE

Going Public: Step-by-Step

  1. Planning–Developing a unique business concept. Writing an Executive Summary.
  2. Founding–Using a Pre-Incorporation Agreement to put founders in place. Incorporating the business.
  3. Documenting–Writing an offering Document, as well as FORM D(s), state documents, and other corporate records.
  4. Capitalizing–Using the offering to raise initial capital.
  5. Registering–Writing and filing FORM 10, S-1, or other registration documents in order to register shares and trade publicly .
  6. Filing–Writing 15c211, due diligence materials. Securing a filing Broker or Market Maker for NASD submission.
  7. Promoting–Announcing the public status. Developing Investor and Public Relations programs.

Please note: All Ways Solutions does not raise money or promote stock. We can however direct you to other companies and individuals that provide these services.