Michael RugeMichael Ernst Ruge is a public influencer, a life-long entrepreneur, and a business developer. He has not only written Amazon’s #1 bestseller book but has also become a certified public speaker. He has done his BS in Marketing from the University of Waterloo and learned sustainability methods from Royal Roads University.

He introduced the first bottled water in Ontario, Canada in 1988. Michael has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and in this expedition, he has skyrocketed the market value of a telecommunication company to $100 million. He has led several marketing campaigns for hotels, resorts and managed millions of advertising budgets, trained 100+ staff, and gave motivational lectures to 1000+ attendees. He has also worked as a resort manager that eventually helped him later in his life in the field of marketing.

Michael Ruge has served All Ways Solution as a head advisor for more than 38 years and became the best problem solver, industry-specific expert and resolves the issues in the most appropriate, affordable, and timely manner.

He is a startup guru, a startup biz creator who has helped firms to attain more clients. Michael has this 40+ years of experience to start, invest, develop and manage a business. In his lifetime, he had happenings with Self storage, warehousing, E-bay expertise, buying wholesale techniques which led him to be the best in his game.

Michael Ruge has been a Head Driving Instructor at Big Foot Safari for 4 years where he coordinated events, trained people for driving, improved racing skills, and mentor in the team-building exercises.

Michael is an amazing advisor, especially in Eco and Charity. He has 2 exciting years at EduEco.org where he had exciting international experiences. He managed, developed, and maintained the eco-communities of Belize. He set up microcredit banks in Africa and built race cars, trucks, and motorcycles. He has a similar experience with EcoCrete.ca where he polished the businesses with his astounding skills for 4 years.

Later on, Michael joined Eco Self Storage where he helped people with their buildings to transform them into money-generating storage facilities. This expedition of his is continued and many are taking his advice to transform their abandoned buildings into revenue-generating models.

With his 35+ years of training, consultancy, polished marketing skills, and best business practices, Michael is preaching his learning through his writings. After the successful hit of his first book, www.aaskaboutgold.com is ready to hit the market and will be the next bestseller in this exciting field of marketing and business.

Nowadays, Michael is onto his next adventure with Cowichan Condos Inc as a real estate development manager where he is transforming the beautiful Southern Vancouver Island (Duncan BC).

Michael’s life is full of escapades and adventures, if we look through, he has played numerous roles in his life and those have helped him to be who he is today, a professional dealmaker, an influencer, and an inspiration to so many. He has been an active member of Rotary International and volunteered in the auspicious eradication of Polio from third world countries. He is a family-oriented person who enjoys spending time with his loved ones on weekends. He is supportive, friendly and a guiding light to many amateurs in life.

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