•   Developer for Eco Communities in Belize
  •   Turned around distressed resort in Dominican Republic.
  •   Established one of the first bottled water companies in Ontario, Canada and took it public.
  •   Owned the Kitchener Kickers of the Canadian Soccer League (CSL)
  •   Turned around many industrial / commercial and residential properties (some abandoned).
  •   transformed 1 into 23 occupied, rental-income business suites.
  •   Built and grew video store from “0” to $600,000 on annual sales.
  •   Helped inorganizing 94,000 volunteers that immunized 86 million children in India within two weeks.
  •   Set up microcredit banks in Africa and Central America
  •   Built race cars, trucks and motorcycles
  •   Managed vehicle fleets
  •   Grew client to 500,000 members in 4 years without advertising
  •   Guided client to a top ten site
  •   Led marketing for online casino start up from zero to $7.6 million a month by year two.
  •   Managed a $650,000 advertising budget.
  •   Built foundation for a call and data center from 9 people to over 100 full time and 400 during peak project seasons. Averaged 18,000 customers weekly.
  •   Consultant to a “Stop Children from Smoking” federal charity. Guided CEO from start-up through database software creation and signing up 2000 children.
  •   Developed internet brand marketing strategies for hotels and resorts achieving page 1 status on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.
  •   Supervised, trained and mentored up to 100 + staff.
  •   Pioneer in the prepaid calling card industry.
  •   Motivational speaker up to 1,000 + attendees.
  •   Organized highly successful international trade shows achieving 500% spikes.
  •   Coordinated press coverage through press releases and articles in newspapers and magazines achieving 1000% + spikes over ads
  •   RE/MAX Belize positioned website at the top of Google in 3 months.
  •   Provided the strategic guidance needed to publicly list numerous companies
  •   Founded a telecommunications company, took public and brought it to a market value of $100 million.

Michael Ruge

Michael Ruge Duncan BC

Michael Ruge is a deal maker who gets things done. As an “entrepreneur” he has created several, successful enterprises. As an “intrapreneur” he has advised and lent my consulting expertise to all sizes of corporations and entities, resulting in multiplying the third bottom line (people, planet, profits).

“I live my life by my standards and my way, attacking challenges as they come up. Good-natured, happy, peaceful man, always willing to help. High energy. The guiding light for my family and loved ones, friends and clients, an incredible supporter, doing the right thing. I am an adventurer, a world traveler, a seeker of new limits.”


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